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Given an html document, turns the bracket-based link syntax into html links, in a manner very similar to MediaWiki's Wikilinks.


var Linkifier = require('.')
var linkify = new Linkifier('#/myposts/')

linkify('[[]]') // => '<a href="#/myposts/"></a>'

linkify('[[|CLICK HERE to read awesome things]] dawg!') // => '<a href="#/myposts/">CLICK HERE to read awesome things</a> dawg!'



Create yourself a linkifier object with a root path, like so:

var Linkifier = require('noddity-linkifier')

var linkify = new Linkifier('#/myposts/')

linkify is both a function, and an event emitter.


Takes a string with html or whatever and returns a string with all of the links that aren't inside of <code> tags are replaced with html links.


The linkifier object is an event emitter - it emits a 'link' event whenever a link is found and replaced. The sole argument is the target page - the examples from the top of the readme would have each emitted a 'link' event with a single argument '' and '', respectively.