Check your Noddity posts and make sure that they won't cause render errors
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Lint a directory full of Noddity posts to verify that they will render.


noddity-linter "./content/" ""

noddity-linter noddityRootPath [glob pattern]

If any files have errors, logs hopefully-useful things to stdout and returns a non-zero exit code.


const lintPromise = noddityLinter(noddityRootPath, [glob pattern], [data object to pass to renderer], [template post])
  • noddityRootPath - the path to the root Noddity directory
  • glob pattern - a string to be passed to glob to match posts to be tested. Defaults to **/*.m?(m)d
  • data object - to be passed to validate-noddity-post to render the posts with. Defaults to {}
  • template post - I actually can't think of a reason why you'd need to override this for linting purposes, but here we are

Returns a promise that resolves to an array with one object element per post checked. The object has a filePath property describing the path of the file checked, and an optional error property if there were any issues found while trying to render the file.