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Noddity Retrieval

This module provides an API to a Noddity data store full of posts and a list of said posts.

You give it an http(s) root, and that's all it needs to provide

  • an async getter function to download parsed post objects
  • an async getter function to download an array of post objects based on the index.json file from the root directory

So I have this idea, right? Where your blog posts could just be a directory with an index file and a bunch of markdown files, just being served out onto the internet.

The idea is that your root directory of posts contains:

  • An index.json file, containing a JSON array of strings representing the file names that are your "official" blog posts, in order.
  • Whatever markdown files you want to be accessible, with metadata stored in a format amenable to text-metadata-parser.


var retrieve = new Retrieve('')

retrieve.getIndex(function(err, index) {
	if (!err && index.length > 0) {
		// Get the most recent post
		retrieve.getPost(index.pop(), function(err, post) {
			console.log("Found post named " + post.metadata.title)
			console.log("The words inside it are:\n" + post.content)

This is the core module of the Noddity cms.




A way to retrieve blog posts that are being served in this stupid-simple format






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