A 2D representation of a Tak board in HTML and CSS
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A representation of a Tak board in 2D.

Click here to see the half-implemented current state.

My goal

The ability to represent Tak board states in two dimensions for use in implementing online games.

Board states are generated by tak-game.

My priorities

  • the board state should be obvious without having to click or hover. You should be able to print it out and put it in a newspaper as a puzzle.
  • an abstract board sticking faithfully to two dimensions, no faking 3D with shadows or angles
  • at a very quick glance, you should be able to see which squares are owned by which player
  • at a slightly longer glance you should notice where standing stones and capstones are
  • should look good

I need help!

I'll try to make something reasonable, but I would love help from the Tak community.

Open Github issues or ping me on Twitter if you have any questions or ideas.

If you come up with a design that you think looks reasonable, open a pull request, I want to see it!

To implement your own designs

You'll need node.js installed.

git clone https://github.com/TehShrike/tak-board.git
npm install
npm run watchjs
npm run watchcss # in another tab

Open up index.html in your browser to see how it looks.

Edit board.html and board-style.css to change the design. The mustache-style templating is rendered by Ractive.

If you want to try a different board, edit the board state at the top of index.js.


  • plop in more than one view of the same board state, with different template/css files for each
  • to try: left half stack, right half top-piece
  • to try: stack, with top piece in the center
  • to try: stack, with top piece in border and standing stone/capstone in center