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Client library for the cred-server application.


The idea is that you subclass the client base class, and then implement your own handler for the events. This gives enough flexibility for custom applications, but also removes a lot of boiler plate code that would be the same across all clients.

First off, install the cred-client package with,

  1. $ pip install cred-client

For a more full example, see the file. The following will be a superficial rundown. First we subclass the cred.client.ClientBase class,

from cred.client import ClientBase

class MyClient(ClientBase):

    def handle_event(self, event):
        """Act on an event here."""

Then you need to initialize the class with some configuration values like,

# The API server which the client is connecting to
hostname = ''
# An API key that allows write access
apikey = 'qWqa7nhoYdeJIX5FIJwb4Q4bjM79hNUF6GFh8kQt6uE'
# The device name
device = 'Client Library'
# The device location
location = 'Laptop'
# A list of event names and locations that the client subscribes to
subscribe = {
    'Temperature': {},
    'Light': {'location': 'Living Room'}

# Finally, instantiate the class
client = MyClient(hostname, apikey, device, location, subscribe)

You can also override the scheduler and override the custom schedule interval, by supplying the following keyword arguments to the instantiation,

  • ignore_scheduler=True will ignore the scheduler that the client is assigned upon authentication.
  • custom_schedule_interval=30 is both the fallback for when the server doesn't implement a scheduler, or when ignore_scheduler is set to True.

Finally, you authenticate the client, and start listening to events,

auth = client.authenticate()
event_daemon = client.start_pulling_subscribedevents()

Note, that unless you do some blocking action after this, the program will quit immediately. You can for example post an event every 2 seconds,

# Post an event every 2 seconds
while True:
    client.submit_event('Test', 'Performing a test', 'True')


[University] Client library for the cred-server application




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