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import sys
import collections
from io import BufferedReader
import gzip
import click
import pandas as pd
def stream_fastq(file_handler):
''' Generator which gives all four lines if a fastq read as one string
next_element = ''
for i, line in enumerate(file_handler):
next_element += line
if i % 4 == 3:
yield next_element
next_element = ''
def read_fastq(filename):
return a stream of FASTQ entries, handling gzipped and empty files
if not filename:
return itertools.cycle((None,))
if filename.endswith('gz'):
filename_fh = BufferedReader(, mode='rt'))
filename_fh = open(filename)
return stream_fastq(filename_fh)
def write_fastq(filename):
return a handle for FASTQ writing, handling gzipped files
if filename:
if filename.endswith('gz'):
filename_fh =, mode='wb')
filename_fh = open(filename, mode='w')
filename_fh = None
return filename_fh
def concata_filter(fq1, fq2, adapter):
copy_hist = collections.defaultdict(int)
r1 = read_fastq(fq1)
r2 = read_fastq(fq2)
for read in zip(r1, r2):
copy_hist[read[0].count(adapter) + read[1].count(adapter)] += 1
df = pd.DataFrame({'Fragments': copy_hist}) = 'Copies'
if __name__ == '__main__':