A tower defence game based around combining effects
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Game Manual


Just like any other TD except that your towers are built from runes,
each gives stats and effects. The idea is that placing runes will give boosts
to other nearby runes and make more of a strategy of it. For more information
on gameplay consult the "Game manual" file.

    Python 2.6.1

Run as:
    python main.py

This is my 2nd PyGame project and I wanted to have something where I could
have a "Game engine" that handled all the user-input side of things and
another part of the program handle the actual rules.
This'd allow me to reuse some of the first part of the code in later games.

The features I want the engine to have are:
    Handle keyboard and mouse input
    Display game objects based on the game logic rather than having to display everything
    Using the pygame sprites

The features I'd like to have but may leave out of this version of the engine:
    In game menus