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WoW Addon - Nag those GC4 users to upgrade their shit!
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GroupCalenNagger was born from a simple problem: my guild began “requiring” GroupCalendar (god knows WHY…), but the leadership were not updating their version to GC5. So this addon was born to bug the piss out of them.

GroupCalenNagger does two simple things: monitor addon chat to notify you when a GC4 user is seen, and let you bug them to upgrade. Use the command /gcnag to see who will be bothered, and /gcnag send or /gcnag all to send tells to these users. If all goes well, the user will think it’s your own installation of GroupCalendar5 that is bugging them, and they’ll go upgrade.

Obviously, I do not condone spamming with this addon. One reminder per raid night should be sufficient. Don’t be worse than your out-of-date raid leadership!


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