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Embed update
Add text popup warning when CC is about to expire
Fix status info not showing for neutral mobs
Remove 2.4.3 compat
Remove fadey crap from config panels
Disable DB buttons when panel is frist shown
Add pally Repentance profile
Add Russian locale
Escape out deDE locale
Update for wrath build 8962 config panel breakage
Embed update
Fix for changes to UnitDebuff in Wrath
Embed update
Rearrange config panel order
Fix config issues in Wrath
Embed update for Wrath
frFR locale
Add AddonLoad LDB launcher field
Tweak launcher declaration to match the updated spec
Fix embeds
Add LDB quicklaunch button
Add "compact" mode
Add option to scale frame
Increase Break Threshold limit to 50 sec
Actually remove OptionHouse, since I don't use it here anymore
Fix range indicator
Remove fade in from config panels
Add "About" panel and TOC metadata
Upgrade tekKonfig
Fix random poly macros, the spell names changed
Added profile for new pally spell "Turn Evil"
Slash command works again, huzzah!
Make profile sort case-insensative
More GUI work, slowly replacing WidgetWarlock
Reworking DB Profile config frame
More config panel work.
- Now consistant with Blizzy's layouts.
- DB panel still needs some work though.
Moved config frames to new Blizzy GUI, basic stuff now, more to come
Add "Not specified" to creature types