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WoW Addon - Hunter pet macro thing
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FuzzyLogic condenses Mend, Call, Dismiss and Revive Pet down into a single keybind or macro. FuzzyLogic is smart enough to know if your pet is dead, even if it’s corpse has despawned. Mend pet is cast if your pet’s HP% is < 90%.

FuzzyLogic will only load on hunters, it will disable itself if loaded on any other class.

The preferred means of triggering FuzzyLogic is a simple macro: /click FuzzyLogicFrame

Other settings

If you wish to change the threshold for Mend/Dismiss pet out of combat, edit this line of FuzzyLogic.lua: local healthresh = 0.90

To use a keybind instead of a macro, edit this line in FuzzyLogic.lua: local binding
For example, to bind to Ctrl-P: local binding = "CTRL-P"


Visit my site for more info.
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Google Code tracker
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist

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