WoW Addon - Simple auction price manager
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tekauc is a basic auction price tracker. tekauc tracks min/max/count for all items currently on the AH and provides for fast posting based on the min prices. tekauc does not keep price history.

tekauc ~= AuctioneerAdvanced

Don’t get me wrong, I love AucAdv. If it does what you want, please use it, it is a very good addon. I wrote tekauc because I realized that all the work AucAdv was doing to get my the “average” price was a waste of time due to my settings. I had AucAdv adjusted so that it was undercutting the lowest price in nearly all cases. It wasn’t worth maintaining all that price history when all I really cared about was the current lowest priced auction. Thus tekauc was born of that need.

Let me say that again for you all. I think AucAdv is a very good addon. You should give it a try before you try mine, because mine is designed with one very speceific use-case in mind… mine!


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