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tekDebug is a debug output addon for developers. It provides a handy place to dump debug output for your addon, without spamming the chatframes of your users. To see debug output, the user must install tekDebug.

Adding support to your addon

So how do you use this bugger with your addon? simple!

local f = tekDebug:GetFrame(“MyAddon”)

This gets you a ScrollingMessageFrame to output debuggery into. You can call f:AddMessage(...) directly if you like, pass it off to your Debug lib, whatever.

In my addons this is what I do…

Force tekDebug to load before the addon, if present:

## OptionalDeps: tekDebug

Then make a Debug function (note, this version is NOT nil-safe)

local debugf = tekDebug and tekDebug:GetFrame(“MyAddon”)
local function Debug(…) if debugf then debugf:AddMessage(string.join(", ", …)) end end

Or, if you use Dongle:

MyAddon = DongleStub(“Dongle-1.0”):New(“MyAddon”)
if tekDebug then MyAddon:EnableDebug(1, tekDebug:GetFrame(“MyAddon”)) end

Accessing the output

Now that you’ve got your debug redirected, how do you view it? If you use an LDB quicklauncher addon, you’ll get a launcher there. Otherwise, you can just type /tekdebug or /td


Visit my site for more info.
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Google Code tracker
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist.

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