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-tekDebug is a debug output addon for developers. It provides a handy place to dump debug output for your addon, without spamming the chatframes of your users. To see debug output, the user must install tekDebug.
-h2. Adding support to your addon
-So how do you use this bugger with your addon? simple!
-<pre>local f = tekDebug:GetFrame("MyAddon")</pre>
-This gets you a ScrollingMessageFrame to output debuggery into. You can call <code>f:AddMessage(...)</code> directly if you like, pass it off to your Debug lib, whatever.
-In my addons this is what I do...
-Force tekDebug to load before the addon, if present:
-<pre>## OptionalDeps: tekDebug</pre>
-Then make a Debug function (note, this version is NOT nil-safe)
-<pre>local debugf = tekDebug and tekDebug:GetFrame("MyAddon")
-local function Debug(...) if debugf then debugf:AddMessage(string.join(", ", ...)) end end</pre>
-Or, if you use Dongle:
-<pre>MyAddon = DongleStub("Dongle-1.0"):New("MyAddon")
-if tekDebug then MyAddon:EnableDebug(1, tekDebug:GetFrame("MyAddon")) end</pre>
-h2. Accessing the output
-Now that you've got your debug redirected, how do you view it? If you use an "LDB": quicklauncher addon, you'll get a launcher there. Otherwise, you can just type @/tekdebug@ or @/td@
-h2. Links
-<b>Visit "my site": for more info.<br>
-Please report all bugs and feature requests to my "Google Code": tracker<br>
-Please direct all feedback and questions to my "Google Groups": mailinglist.</b>
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## Title: tekDebug
## Notes: Debug output frame thing
## Author: Tekkub Stoutwrithe
-## Version: Alpha
+## Version:
## X-Website:
## X-Email:
## X-Category: Development Tools

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