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TelAPI telephony API library for Python

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This library interacts with the TelAPI service. It allows you to use the REST API in a pythonic way to initiate and manage outbound calls and SMS messages as well as generate InboundXML to handle incoming calls and SMS messages.


Download the latest source from or checkout the code, then cd into the resulting directory and run python install.


Export the TELAPI_ACCOUNT_SID and TELAPI_AUTH_TOKEN variables in your environment, such as ~/.profile and you won't have to pass your credentials in when instantiating the client.

Account SID and auth token are both found in the Dashboard

export TELAPI_ACCOUNT_SID='ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
export TELAPI_AUTH_TOKEN='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

Quick Start

Account SID and auth token are both found in the Dashboard

from telapi import rest

account_sid = 'ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
auth_token  = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
client      = rest.Client(account_sid, auth_token)
account     = client.accounts[client.account_sid]
voice_url   = ''

# Let's create a call that will dial someone and say "Hello"
account.calls.create(from_number="+15555555555", to_number="+15555555556", url=voice_url)
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