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Telesign Full-service Ruby SDK

Telesign connects, protects, and defends the customer experience with intelligence from billions of digital interactions and mobile signals. Through developer-friendly APIs that deliver user verification, digital identity, and omnichannel communications, we help the world's largest brands secure onboarding, maintain account integrity, prevent fraud, and streamline omnichannel engagement.


  • Ruby 2+.


These instructions are for MacOS. They will need to be adapted if you are installing on Windows.


Follow these steps to add this SDK as a dependency to your project.

  1. (Optional) Create a new directory for your Ruby project. Skip this step if you already have created a project. If you plan to create multiple Ruby projects that use Telesign, we recommend that you group them within a telesign_integrations directory.
    cd ~/code/local
    mkdir telesign_integrations
    cd telesign_integrations
    mkdir {your project name}
    cd {your project name}
  1. Install the SDK as a dependency in the top-level directory of your project using the command below. Once the SDK is installed, you should see a message in the terminal notifying you that you have successfully installed the SDK.

    gem install telesignenterprise


If you use a Telesign SDK to make your request, authentication is handled behind-the-scenes for you. All you need to provide is your Customer ID and API Key. The SDKs apply Digest authentication whenever they make a request to a Telesign service where it is supported. When Digest authentication is not supported, the SDKs apply Basic authentication.

What's next

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