A plugin-based, all-in-one, Telegram Bot written in Node.js
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An all-in-one, plugin-based, Telegram bot written in Node.js.

See it in action on @nikorobot! [TODO]

Based on node-telegram-bot-api.

Quick install

git clone https://github.com/Telegram-Bot-Node/Nikoro
cd Nikoro
npm run setup:guided

After running npm run bot, you can simply add the bot to a group chat and it will work. You can also message it directly.

To see a list of available plugins, use the command /help; if you need help about a specific plugin, do /help PluginName.

See the usage guide for more information.

Table of Contents


  • Plugin-based: run many bots in one, have a plugin for everything.
  • Support for inline commands, buttons, stickers, etc.
  • Completely customizable: see something you don't like? Just change it!
  • Written in Node.js: one of the most powerful and easiest programming languages available.
  • Easy to install: just a few simple commands and your bot is up and running!
  • Easy-to-write plugins: with many helper functions write powerful plugins in a few minutes. Connect to a database, download files, parse commands without writing any code: everything is already here for you.
  • Open source :D


Did you make a plugin you want to share with everyone? Did you improve the code in any way? Did you fix an issue?

Submit a pull request! This project will only grow if YOU help!

Basic guidelines for contributing are outlined in CONTRIBUTING.md. We also have a complete developer's guide! Finally, you can look at existing plugins (src/plugins/Ping.js can be a simple starting point) for a quick start.


In alphabetical order

  • CapacitorSet

    • Developed some plugins
    • Worked on a bit of everything, mostly internals
    • Messed up the code some more
  • Cristian Baldi

    • Crated the project
    • Developed a bunch of plugins
    • Added redis support
    • Improved the plugin system
    • Messed up the code
  • Phill Farrugia

    • Improved & documented the code
    • Added Heroku Integration
    • Created Unit Tests
    • Added automatic testing via Travis CI

Need help?

Send me a mail or create an issue, I will answer ASAP. 👍