.NET Client for Telegram Bot API
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.NET Client for Telegram Bot API

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.NET client for Telegram Bot API. The Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

Join our super group on Telegram: @tgbots_dotnet

If you need the latest features(tested but unstable), use MyGet feed (auto deployed from develop branch) until we update the NuGet package with stable changes.

Migrate to v14

In our last major release, version 14, almost all of the library is re-written. If you are planning to upgrade, have a look at v13 to v14 migration wiki.

Getting Started

First, talk to BotFather on Telegram to get an API token. Place your token in method below and call the method.

static async Task TestApiAsync()
    var botClient = new Telegram.Bot.TelegramBotClient("your API access Token");
    var me = await botClient.GetMeAsync();
    System.Console.WriteLine($"Hello! My name is {me.FirstName}");

Learning More

If you don't know how to use this project or what is available for a Telegram bot, check the self-documented Systems Integration tests which are runnable examples of API methods.

Before submitting issues please consult following resources:


Install as NuGet package:

Package manager:

Install-Package Telegram.Bot


dotnet add package Telegram.Bot

For testing you can use the MyGet feed with automated builds.