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Releases: TelegramTools/TLImporter

TLImporter 3.0.7

24 Jun 12:06
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  • Handle text files exported from old versions of WhatsApp more gracefully
  • Updated Telethon & Python version

TLImporter 3.0.6

25 Apr 16:55
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Binaries for Linux are also provided now, alongside with Windows!

  • Upgraded Secret Mode for greater security. Now it works 100% in RAM, nothing is written in disk, so it's way difficult to hack.

  • Changed Secret Mode password with one with 4096 characters of length, which also includes special symbols, so it's almost impossible to crack.

  • Rewrite the whole logic for file parsing, so now it should be compatible with almost 99.99% of the formats out there: As long as it contains UserName: it will be recognised and parsed correctly.

    • (This also means that multiline messages will be handled correctly as well)
    • (The new logic also seemed way faster to process huge txt files in my tests)
  • Upgrade Telethon to the latest available version and layer

  • Handle commits to SentMessageIds table in a much better way, now that it doesn't matter the correspondence of the IDs because Telegram now allows to revoke message for both participants at any time. This only concerns you if you're using TLRevert

  • Fix imports done to Saved Messages: It was caused by API changes in Telegram's side.

  • Make drag and drop more reliable in Linux.

  • General improvements and bugfixes.

  • Make binaries for Linux

TLImporter 3.0.4

19 Jan 14:18
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  • Merged changes proposed by @mowolf in #8. This adds to the changes made in TLImporter 3.0.3, meaning that now TLImporter should be able to parse any kind of export format from WhatsApp.

TLImporter 3.0.3

30 Nov 07:12
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  • Fixed all Cannot cast NoneType to any kind of InputPeer errors
  • The app will now recognise both new and old format of WhatsApp exports:


15/02/2018 16:52:04: ferferga: Hello!

15/02/2018 16:52:04: ferferga: How are you?


15/02/2018 16:52:04 - ferferga: Hello!

15/02/2018 16:52:04 - ferferga: How are you?

Both formats are now recognised by TLImporter without issues
More background: It doesn't matter what the timestamp of your exports are. TLImporter just splits the string in : and - characters, so it should be good for all the countries and languages.

  • For the technically inclined: Wrapped all the code inside a try and except block, so the program will never exit if some kind of error happens without showing the error in screen. I know this is a dirty workaround and I should handle all the errors better, however, I don't have time to reproduce and test all the situations that might happen. Only problems with the casting of the InputPeer were reported since the Python rewrite, so I can say that the script is really bug-free and you are 99.99% likely not going to reach any problem. This is only a change to stay in the safe side, as I also had problems debugging the casting issue due to faulty logging in my end.

  • For the technically inclined: Updated Python to 3.8.0

TLImporter 3.0.2

26 Jan 18:29
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  • Updated to Python 3.7.2

  • Downgraded the bundled Telethon version to the latest sync one (, as sync has been finally deprecated from latest Telethon releases, and versions bigger than 1.0 are not as stable in sync mode as the prior versions. Downgrading to this version for synchronous code has been the recommendation of Lonami's Telethon dev.

If you don't understand what I'm saying here, just understand it as now the reliability in the connections to Telegram might be faster

TLImporter 3.0.1

20 Sep 16:15
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  • The key of Secret Mode was changed for a safer one. Make sure to update other TLTools apps that use Secret Mode, or they will stop working with this new release.

Telegram Importer 3

06 Jul 10:39
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  • The app is now written in Python! This means that it is cross-platform now and can be used in other systems, like Mac and Linux
  • That means that it is a completely new app, and all the bugs that the old version might had are now gone. But perhaps some new ones appeared, but I don't hope so :(
  • Now, you have settings to do before importing the chat: You can choose to add a hashtag to each message sent in your chat by TLImporter (so you can easily search them on),
    also, you can choose between adding timestamps or not, and it's position.
  • Now, the app stores the messages and their data in a database. That enables you to remove the messages created by TLImporter or other Telegram Tools apps using
    TLRevert, whenever you can.
  • That database is also a great copy of your imported chat, so you can remove the original txt file and keep the database :)
  • You can also backup that database, using the app, inside your "Saved Messages" section of your Telegram's account :). You will never lose a thing.
  • The app doesn't use colors now (for the sake of accesibility), but now the progress bars are much cooler and work much better.
  • In general, this can be considered as the final version of TLImporter, as it's really stable.
  • Much faster at sending messages. Also, it should raise less FloodWaits, as it will pause for 7 minutes to make sure Telegram doesn't warn us so frequently.
    (Read this for more information)
  • Oh, and talking about Flood Limits! Now, there is a fancy countdown that tells you how much you have to wait when you are flood limited :).
  • Removed the --advanced parameter.
  • Added the new Telegram Tools' "Secret Mode"!: In old versions of TLImporter, you must ask your partner his phone number, his code and his password, and he need to trust you,
    because after giving that data away to you, you could do with it whatever you want. Now, with Telegram Tool's Secret Mode, your partner has the complete control of the login and authentication process.

Version 2.5.4

18 Mar 14:16
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  • Added Solo Importing: Now you can import your chats inside the "Saved Messages" section of your Telegram account.
  • Now the file that is being imported will be locked while the app is working with it, so you don't accidentally delete it or remove it, crashing the app.
  • Fixed typos
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Fancy colors that make the app beautiful and friendlier :)
  • An even fancier progress bar that will keep you updated of the progress
  • Added an "--advanced" command line parameter that will display detailed output while importing into Telegram, confirming you every time that a message has been sent.
  • Better error handling.

Telegram Chat Importer 2.1.1

10 Mar 10:31
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  • Better error handling
  • Added a warning for users, telling them that they might trigger flood limits in their account and advising them to read the FAQ.
  • Fixed a typo.

Telegram Chat Importer 2.1.0

08 Mar 23:20
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First release of the app