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Geohash JOSM plug-in documentation.


  • Plug-in to display a geohash grid over the JOSM map and allows the search for a specific geohash.
  • Version 1.0

Current functionalities

  • Displays a geohash grid over the JOSM map layers.
  • Using zoom map will result in calculating a new geohash depth level based on the current coordinates of the view port.
  • Double clicking a geohash will result in removing it and the other equally sized geohashes from it's parent.
  • In the Geohash dialog there is a search option that will move the map view on the requested geohash, if input value is valid.
  • The layer menu opened by right clicking the geohash layer has the option to remove all geohashes that recomputes the geohashes based on the current map view.

How to set up

  • Check out the project
  • Run ant build: dist and install profiles
  • Open JOSM and add Geohash plugin

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