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This is a library for GLib-based Telepathy components.

Telepathy is a D-Bus framework for unifying real time communication,
including instant messaging, voice calls and video calls. It abstracts
differences between protocols to provide a unified interface for

Telepathy specification

The copy of the Telepathy specification in the spec/ directory indicates
the specification that this library claims to implement.


Building telepathy-glib requires:
  GLib, GObject <>
  libdbus <>
  The D-Bus GLib bindings <>

  GNU make <>
  pkg-config <>
  libxslt, xsltproc <>
  Python <>

and can also make use of:
  GObject-Introspection <>
  Vala <>
  gtkdoc <>

See for full details, including versions required.
Of the packages listed above, only GLib, GObject, libdbus and dbus-glib are
required at runtime.

Building from git also requires the GNU build system (Autoconf, Automake,

Bugs, feature requests and to-do list

Report all bugs, feature requests and "to-do" items here:

Running "make check" will produce FIXME.out, which lists all the mentions of
FIXME, TODO or XXX in the source code. Ideally, all of these should be in
Bugzilla, but sometimes they're not.

API stability policy

We use an "odd/even" versioning scheme where the minor version (the y in
x.y.z) determines stability - stable branches have y even, development
branches have y odd.

In a stable (even) branch, we will not make incompatible API or ABI changes
between one release tarball and the next.

In a development (odd) branch, we will attempt to avoid incompatible API
or ABI changes. If we break ABI relative to the previous stable (even)
release, we will increase the library SONAME to avoid breaking existing
code. If we break ABI relative to a previous development (odd) release,
we will not necessarily increase the library SONAME: in other words,
API/ABI added by a development release is not guaranteed until it appears
in a stable release. (This is basically the same policy as GLib - in
versions 0.22 and earlier, we had a more restrictive policy.)

The GObject-Introspection and Vala bindings are more or less stable,
but might break compatibility between one development branch and the next.

Unreleased builds straight from git identify themselves as version
"x.y.z.1". We DO NOT make any API guarantees about unreleased builds.

Unreleased builds are compiled with -Werror, so they might stop working
if your gcc version issues more warnings than ours. If this is a problem
for you, use a release tarball or configure with --disable-fatal-warnings.

Contact info

This library is maintained by the Telepathy project:

Telepathy development is supported by Collabora Ltd.


The current development version of telepathy-glib is available from the
'master' branch in the git repository:
  <git+ssh://> (for committers)
  <> (gitweb)

Stable branches are available from branches with names like
'telepathy-glib-0.6' in the same repository.

Proposed patches awaiting review can usually be found in bugzilla.
Our review procedure is described by:

Please follow <>.

GObject Introspection

telepathy-glib's high level API has experimental GObject-Introspection

You can easily test it from the source directory by defining this environment


In Python you can access the API using;
  from gi.repository import TelepathyGLib