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ASP.NET Data Source Controls Homework

  1. Countries
    • Create a database holding continents, countries and town. Countries have name, language, population and continent. Towns have name, population and country. Implement an ASP.NET Web application that shows the continents in a ListBox, countries in a GridView and the towns in a ListView and allows master-detail navigation. Use Entity Framework and EntityDataSource. Provide paging and sorting for the long lists. Use HTML escaping when needed.
    • Implement add / edit / delete for the continents, countries, towns and languages. Handle the possible errors accordingly. Ensure HTML special characters handled correctly (correctly escape the HTML).
    • Add a flag for each country which should be a PNG image, stored in the database, displayed along with the country data. Implement "change flag" functionality by uploading a PNG image.
  2. TODO List
    • Write a "TODO List" application in ASP.NET. It should be able to list / create / edit / delete TODOs. Each TODO has title, body (rich text) and date of last change. The TODOs are in categories. Categories should also be editable (implement CRUD).
  3. Tweets aggregator
    • Write ASP.NET Web Forms application to display in a GridView all tweets from given Twitter user. Load the tweet though the Twitter API. Bind the tweets to the GridView thorugh ObjectDataSource.
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