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Validation Controls Homework

Create a form to register users with fields for preferred user name, password, repeat password, first name, last name, age, email, local address, phone and an “I accept” option.

  • All fields are required.
  • Valid age is between 18 and 81.
  • Display error messages in a ValidationSummary.
  • Use a regular expression for the email and phone fields.
  • Separate the fields in groups and validate them using Validation Groups. The Validation Groups should be at least three – Logon Info, Personal Info, Address Info.
  • Add a radio button to choose the gender (male / female). If the user is male, dynamically display a list of check boxes for choosing his favourite cars (e.g. BMW, Toyota, etc.). If the user is female display a drop-down list to allow her select her favourite coffee (e.g. Lavazza, New Brazil, etc.). Note that selecting a coffee is optional for the female users. Implement this by server PostBacks.
  • Implement the previous with client-side JavaScript.
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