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  1. Create an AJAX-enabled Web site which shows Employees and their Orders in two GridView controls (use the Northwind database and Entity Framework). Put the GridView for the orders inside an update panel. Add UpdateProgress which shows an image while loading (simulate slow loading with Thread.Sleep()).

    • When the user selects a row in employees GridView, the UpdateProgress must be activated and the panel must be updated with the orders of the selected Employee.
  2. Using Timer and UpdatePanel implement very simple Web-based chat application. Use a single database table Messages holding all chat messages. All users should see in a ListView the last 100 lines of the Messages table. Users can send new messages at any time and should see the messages posted by the others at interval of 500 milliseconds.

    • Using the AJAX Control Toolkit create a Web photo album showing a list of images (stored in the file system). Clicking an image should show it with bigger size in a modal popup window. The album should look like the Windows Photo Viewer.
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