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Unit Testing Homework

Task 1. Students and courses

  • Write three classes: Student, Course and School.
    • Students should have name and unique number (inside the entire School).
      • Name can not be empty and the unique number is between 10000 and 99999.
    • Each course contains a set of students.
    • Students in a course should be less than 30 and can join and leave courses.
  • Write VSTT tests
    • Use 2 class library projects in Visual Studio: School.csproj and School.Tests.csproj
  • Execute the tests using Visual Studio and check the code coverage. Ensure it is at least 90%.

Task 2. Unit test the Deck class from the SantaseGameEngine

Task 3*. Unit test the PlayerActionValidater class

  • Get known with the Santase game rules
  • Download the SantaseGameEngine
  • Review the PlayerActionValidater.cs
  • Write unit tests for the IsValid method
  • Ensure code coverage of 100% for the PlayerActionValidater.cs class
  • Fix any bugs you find during the unit testing
  • You can use testing framework of your choice
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