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Academy Self Manager - JavaScript Applications Sample Exam


Implement a SPA application for creating TODOs and scheduling events

  • Users can be registered and signed in the application

    • Users provide username and password
    • On login/register they receive an authorization key
      • It is used for all other operations
  • Signed in users can:

    • Create TODOs:
      • Create a TODO
      • List all their TODOs
      • Change the state of a TODO
    • Create events:
      • Create event
      • List all their events
  • TODOs:

    • Each TODO has text, state and category
  • Events:

    • Each event has title, description, date, category and an array of users
      • The users are the users that are added to the event


Implement the following routes

  • #/home - returns a home page
    • Can contain any content of your choice
  • #/todos - shows a list of all todos for a logged in user
  • #/events - shows a list of all events for a logged in user


  • Use bower to download all the libraries
    • Missing libraries from bower.json will be sanctioned
    • It will be easier for the reviewers of your exam
  • Obligatory use the following libraries
    • jQuery and Handlebars
  • You may use:
    • Underscore.js
    • Sammy.js
    • toastr
    • jQueryUI
    • KendoUI UI components - autocomplete, dropdown, grid, etc...
    • Any other library that provides a small functionality
  • You may NOT use:
    • Any framework that provides functionality for a complete SPA apps
      • AngularJS
      • KendoUI framework
        • Data-binding, routing, etc...
      • Backbone.js
      • Ember.js
      • Durandal
      • Knockout.js
      • Any other complete SPA framework
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