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Format with placeholders


  • Write a function that formats a string. The function should have placeholders, as shown in the example
    • Add the function to the String.prototype


  • The input array will look like that:
    '{ "name": "John", age: 13 }', // options as JSON
    'My name is #{name} and I am #{age}-years-old' // template
  • Hint: you can use JSON.parse method to convert the options to an object.


  • Output the formatted string.


  • The options will always be passed as a JSON-stringified object
  • The input will be relatively small
    • The options will be 6-7 at most
    • The longest template string will be shorter than 2000 symbols
  • Time limit: 0.2s
  • Memory limit: 32MB

Sample tests

Input Output
'{ "name": "John" }',
"Hello, there! Are you #{name}?"
'Hello, there! Are you John'
'{ "name": "John", "age": 13 }',
"My name is #{name} and I am #{age}-years-old"
'My name is John and I am 13-years-old'


  • Submit your code here