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01. Reverse string
02. Correct brackets
03. Sub-string in text
04. Parse tags
05. nbsp
06. Extract text from HTML
07. Parse URL
08. Replace tags
09. Extract e-mails
10. Find palindromes
11. String format
12. Generate list

Homework: Strings

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Problem List

  1. [Reverse string](./01. Reverse string)
  2. [Correct brackets](./02. Correct brackets)
  3. [Sub-string in text](./03. Sub-string in text)
  4. [Parse tags](./04. Parse tags)
  5. [nbsp](./05. nbsp)
  6. [Extract text from HTML](./06. Extract text from HTML)
  7. [Parse URL](./07. Parse URL)
  8. [Replace tags](./08. Replace tags)
  9. [Extract e-mails](./09. Extract e-mails)
  10. [Find palindromes](./10. Find palindromes)
  11. [String format](./11. String format)
  12. [Generate list](./12. Generate list)
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