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Closures and Scopes

Task 1.

  • Create a module for working with books
    • The module must provide the following functionalities:
      • Add a new book to category
        • Each book has unique title, author and ISBN
        • It must return the newly created book with assigned ID
        • If the category is missing, it must be automatically created
      • List all books
        • Return an array of books
        • Books are sorted by ID
        • This can be done by author, by category or all
          • They are provided by an options object {category: ...} or {author: ...}
      • List all categories
        • Return an array of categories
        • Categories are sorted by ID
    • Each book/category has a unique identifier (ID) that is a number greater than 1
      • When adding a book/category, the ID is generated automatically
    • Add validation everywhere, where possible
      • Book title and category name must be between 2 and 100 characters, including letters, digits and special characters ('!', ',', '.', etc)
      • Author is any non-empty string
      • Unique params are Book title and Book ISBN
      • Book ISBN is an unique code that contains either 10 or 13 digits
      • If something is not valid - throw Error
  • You are given a solution template in the tasks/task-1.js file
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