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Modules and patterns


Task 1.

  • Create a module for a Telerik Academy course
    • The course has a title and presentations
      • Each presentation also has a title
      • There is a homework for each presentation
    • There is a set of students listed for the course
      • Each student has firstname, lastname and an ID
        • IDs must be unique integer numbers which are at least 1
    • Each student can submit a homework for each presentation in the course
    • Create method init()
      • Accepts a string - course title
      • Accepts an array of strings - presentation titles
      • Throws if there is an invalid title
        • Titles do not start or end with spaces
        • Titles do not have consecutive spaces
        • Titles have at least one character
      • Throws if there are no presentations
    • Create method addStudent() which lists a student for the course
      • Accepts a string in the format 'Firstname Lastname'
      • Throws if any of the names are not valid
        • Names start with an upper case letter
        • All other symbols in the name (if any) are lowercase letters
      • Generates a unique student ID and returns it
    • Create method getAllStudents() that returns an array of students in the format:
      • {firstname: 'string', lastname: 'string', id: StudentID}
    • Create method submitHomework()
      • Accepts studentID and homeworkID
        • homeworkID 1 is for the first presentation
        • homeworkID 2 is for the second one
        • ...
      • Throws if any of the IDs are invalid
    • Create method pushExamResults()
      • Accepts an array of items in the format {StudentID: ..., score: ...}
        • StudentIDs which are not listed get 0 points
      • Throw if there is an invalid StudentID
      • Throw if same StudentID is given more than once ( he tried to cheat (: )
      • Throw if Score is not a number
    • Create method getTopStudents() which returns an array of the top 10 performing students
      • Array must be sorted from best to worst
      • If there are less than 10, return them all
      • The final score that is used to calculate the top performing students is done as follows:
        • 75% of the exam result
        • 25% the submitted homework (count of submitted homeworks / count of all homeworks) for the course
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