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Mobile Applications for iOS

Creating Line-of-business (LoB) Application

Design and implement a native mobile application for iOS. The application should be touch-friendly and should provide actual functionality which users can take advantage of. That is, the application must be of value to the end user of a tablet or smartphone, enabling them to consume/produce real content. DO NOT make an application for imaginary or unrealistic tasks



  • You application should not be regular blog app or news feed

  • Up to 10 points

Value to the end user

  • The application must have a real value to the end user
    • There are too many chat apps, news feed apps, etc...
    • Develop something you will use
  • Up to 15 points

Use custom Views

  • Either extracted into nib files or drawing

  • Up to 7 points

Use animations

  • Loading, showing, hiding

  • Up to 6 points

Device APIs

  • Use two of the following device APIs:

    • Accelerometer
    • Camera
    • Compass
    • Geolocation
    • Capture
    • Connection
    • Contacts
    • Media
  • Up to 4 points

Application Storage (SQLite)

  • Use SQLite to store application local data

    • Both CoreData or native SQL is ok
    • Both native SQLite queries or ORMs are ok
  • Up to 8 points

Remote data

  • Use some kind of remote data
    • It can be, but not limited to, one of the following:
      • Telerik backend services
      • WebAPI RESTful API
      • SpringMVC RESTful API
      • Node.js RESTful API
  • Up to 10 points

Background tasks

  • Some functinality should be done in the background

  • Up to 5 points

Touch friendly UI

  • Touch friendly UI. Fulfill the criteria:

    • Usable UI
    • Fluent user experience
  • Up to 5 points


  • Use notifications to provide feedback to the user
    • Show a message when the user submits data to the app
    • Error message on error
    • Success on success
    • Show messages when the state of the app changes
  • Up to 4 points


  • Use at least two of the following gestures:
    • Swipe
    • Fling
    • Pinch close or pinch open
    • Long press
    • Touch or double touch
    • Double touch drag
  • Up to 4 points

App architecture

  • Use MVC

  • Separate your core into coherent and single-reponsibility classes

  • Up to 13 points

High-quality code and reusability

  • The application code must be separated into consistent and cohesive modules
  • The modules must follow the best practices for developing applications
  • Up to 6 points

Validation and Error handling

  • Validation of user input
  • Handling access denials, network issues, etc. and keeping app alive
  • Up to 3 points

The maximum score for the teamwork assignment is 100 points

Additional Requirements

  • You are allowed to use any external libraries if you wish.
  • Use as source control for the application


  • Upload a brief video(2-3 mins) of your application and upload it in YouTube
  • Upload your project in
  • Put the following in a ZIP archive and submit it:
    • A link to a GitHub repository, holding your application
    • A brief description of your application
    • A link to the video, uploaded in YouTube

Project Evaluation

Each submitted project will be evaluated by the trainers. Evaluation will strictly follow the above requirements. Each project without an uploaded video in YouTube will be considered not done

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