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Mobile Applications for iOS

Each student develops a mobile application for iOS (iPhone and/or iPad). The application should comply with the requirements for either Game application or Line-of-business application.

General Requirements

  • The application must be fully working
    • Just a project concept or an incomplete application is not sufficient and will not get full points for features
  • The application must be hosted in
    • With at least 10 commits within range of at least 5 days
    • The following will result in points reduction:
      • Less than 10 commits
      • 90% of application written within 48 hours
  • Each student must have absolute comprehension of their own project
    • Anything less than full and complete understanding of the project will be considered suspicious and will lead to unwanted by both parties results

Project Defense Requirements

Each student who wants to defend their project in front of a trainer and pass the course has to meet the following requirements:

Examination procedure

Students have 20 minutes to present their application to a trainer. The deadline for the development of the application is 17:00 AM, 8 February 2016. Any commit after that time will be excluded from the defense version of the application.

The examination for each student will be done as follows:

  1. The trainer checks out the application from the application repository on their device
  • The lastest version submitted before the deadline is checked out

  • The student presents:

  • The student has 20 minutes to present their application as follows:

  • The student must answer all questions of the trainer, concerning their application

    • Any unanswered questions about the code and/or the application can lead to score penalties
    • Any hint of lack of understanding of a component of the application results in fewer or no project points
  • The trainer prepares writtern feedback on each student application

    • This is done without the presence of the student
  • Each student will receive their personal feedback from the trainer after the examination of all students is finished

  • The defense is public and any observers can attend the defense of other students

    • It is actually preferable as it strengthens the objectivity of the evaluation
    • The observers must keep quiet and do not disturb the defense in any way


Each student who wants to take the course and defend their application must write brief documentation of their application.

The documentation must include:

  • 1-3 paragraphs with the application concept
  • 3-8 bullet poins of the functionality
  • Images with sample UI of the application (optional)

Write your documentation in english in Markdown and commit it as of your repository

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