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Homework: Defining Classes - Part 1

Problem 1. Define class

  • Define a class that holds information about a mobile phone device: model, manufacturer, price, owner, battery characteristics (model, hours idle and hours talk) and display characteristics (size and number of colors).
  • Define 3 separate classes (class GSM holding instances of the classes Battery and Display).

Problem 2. Constructors

  • Define several constructors for the defined classes that take different sets of arguments (the full information for the class or part of it).
  • Assume that model and manufacturer are mandatory (the others are optional). All unknown data fill with null.

Problem 3. Enumeration

  • Add an enumeration BatteryType (Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, …) and use it as a new field for the batteries.

Problem 4. ToString

  • Add a method in the GSM class for displaying all information about it.
  • Try to override ToString().

Problem 5. Properties

  • Use properties to encapsulate the data fields inside the GSM, Battery and Display classes.
  • Ensure all fields hold correct data at any given time.

Problem 6. Static field

  • Add a static field and a property IPhone4S in the GSM class to hold the information about iPhone 4S.

Problem 7. GSM test

  • Write a class GSMTest to test the GSM class:
    • Create an array of few instances of the GSM class.
    • Display the information about the GSMs in the array.
    • Display the information about the static property IPhone4S.

Problem 8. Calls

  • Create a class Call to hold a call performed through a GSM.
  • It should contain date, time, dialled phone number and duration (in seconds).

Problem 9. Call history

  • Add a property CallHistory in the GSM class to hold a list of the performed calls.
  • Try to use the system class List<Call>.

Problem 10. Add/Delete calls

  • Add methods in the GSM class for adding and deleting calls from the calls history.
  • Add a method to clear the call history.

Problem 11. Call price

  • Add a method that calculates the total price of the calls in the call history.
  • Assume the price per minute is fixed and is provided as a parameter.

Problem 12. Call history test

  • Write a class GSMCallHistoryTest to test the call history functionality of the GSM class.
    • Create an instance of the GSM class.
    • Add few calls.
    • Display the information about the calls.
    • Assuming that the price per minute is 0.37 calculate and print the total price of the calls in the history.
    • Remove the longest call from the history and calculate the total price again.
    • Finally clear the call history and print it.
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