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Homework: Defining Classes - Part 2

Problem 1. Structure

  • Create a structure Point3D to hold a 3D-coordinate {X, Y, Z} in the Euclidian 3D space.
  • Implement the ToString() to enable printing a 3D point.

Problem 2. Static read-only field

  • Add a private static read-only field to hold the start of the coordinate system – the point O{0, 0, 0}.
  • Add a static property to return the point O.

Problem 3. Static class

  • Write a static class with a static method to calculate the distance between two points in the 3D space.

Problem 4. Path

  • Create a class Path to hold a sequence of points in the 3D space.
  • Create a static class PathStorage with static methods to save and load paths from a text file.
  • Use a file format of your choice.

Problem 5. Generic class

  • Write a generic class GenericList<T> that keeps a list of elements of some parametric type T.
  • Keep the elements of the list in an array with fixed capacity which is given as parameter in the class constructor.
  • Implement methods for adding element, accessing element by index, removing element by index, inserting element at given position, clearing the list, finding element by its value and ToString().
  • Check all input parameters to avoid accessing elements at invalid positions.

Problem 6. Auto-grow

  • Implement auto-grow functionality: when the internal array is full, create a new array of double size and move all elements to it.

Problem 7. Min and Max

  • Create generic methods Min<T>() and Max<T>() for finding the minimal and maximal element in the GenericList<T>.
  • You may need to add a generic constraints for the type T.

Problem 8. Matrix

  • Define a class Matrix<T> to hold a matrix of numbers (e.g. integers, floats, decimals).

Problem 9. Matrix indexer

  • Implement an indexer this[row, col] to access the inner matrix cells.

Problem 10. Matrix operations

  • Implement the operators + and - (addition and subtraction of matrices of the same size) and * for matrix multiplication.
  • Throw an exception when the operation cannot be performed.
  • Implement the true operator (check for non-zero elements).

Problem 11. Version attribute

  • Create a [Version] attribute that can be applied to structures, classes, interfaces, enumerations and methods and holds a version in the format major.minor (e.g. 2.11).
  • Apply the version attribute to a sample class and display its version at runtime.
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