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Homework: OOP Principles - Part 2

Problem 1. Shapes

  • Define abstract class Shape with only one abstract method CalculateSurface() and fields width and height.
  • Define two new classes Triangle and Rectangle that implement the virtual method and return the surface of the figure (height * width for rectangle and height * width/2 for triangle).
  • Define class Square and suitable constructor so that at initialization height must be kept equal to width and implement the CalculateSurface() method.
  • Write a program that tests the behaviour of the CalculateSurface() method for different shapes (Square, Rectangle, Triangle) stored in an array.

Problem 2. Bank accounts

  • A bank holds different types of accounts for its customers: deposit accounts, loan accounts and mortgage accounts. Customers could be individuals or companies.
  • All accounts have customer, balance and interest rate (monthly based).
    • Deposit accounts are allowed to deposit and with draw money.
    • Loan and mortgage accounts can only deposit money.
  • All accounts can calculate their interest amount for a given period (in months). In the common case its is calculated as follows: number_of_months * interest_rate.
  • Loan accounts have no interest for the first 3 months if are held by individuals and for the first 2 months if are held by a company.
  • Deposit accounts have no interest if their balance is positive and less than 1000.
  • Mortgage accounts have ½ interest for the first 12 months for companies and no interest for the first 6 months for individuals.
  • Your task is to write a program to model the bank system by classes and interfaces.
  • You should identify the classes, interfaces, base classes and abstract actions and implement the calculation of the interest functionality through overridden methods.

Problem 3. Range Exceptions

  • Define a class InvalidRangeException<T> that holds information about an error condition related to invalid range. It should hold error message and a range definition [start … end].
  • Write a sample application that demonstrates the InvalidRangeException<int> and InvalidRangeException<DateTime> by entering numbers in the range [1..100] and dates in the range [1.1.1980 … 31.12.2013].
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