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Homework: Common Type System

Problem 1. Student class

  • Define a class Student, which contains data about a student – first, middle and last name, SSN, permanent address, mobile phone e-mail, course, specialty, university, faculty. Use an enumeration for the specialties, universities and faculties.
  • Override the standard methods, inherited by System.Object: Equals(), ToString(), GetHashCode() and operators == and !=.

Problem 2. ICloneable

  • Add implementations of the ICloneable interface. The Clone() method should deeply copy all object's fields into a new object of type Student.

Problem 3. IComparable

  • Implement the IComparable<Student> interface to compare students by names (as first criteria, in lexicographic order) and by social security number (as second criteria, in increasing order).

Problem 4. Person class

  • Create a class Person with two fields – name and age. Age can be left unspecified (may contain null value. Override ToString() to display the information of a person and if age is not specified – to say so.
  • Write a program to test this functionality.

Problem 5. 64 Bit array

  • Define a class BitArray64 to hold 64 bit values inside an ulong value.
  • Implement IEnumerable<int> and Equals(…), GetHashCode(), [], == and !=.

Problem 6.* Binary search tree

  • Define the data structure binary search tree with operations for "adding new element", "searching element" and "deleting elements". It is not necessary to keep the tree balanced.
  • Implement the standard methods from System.ObjectToString(), Equals(…), GetHashCode() and the operators for comparison == and !=.
  • Add and implement the ICloneable interface for deep copy of the tree.

Remark: Use two types – structure BinarySearchTree (for the tree) and class TreeNode (for the tree elements). Implement IEnumerable<T> to traverse the tree.

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