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Design and implement an application using one SpringMVC

General Requirements

Please define and implement the following assets in your project:

Technical Requirements

  • Use SpringMVC
  • Have at least 5 controllers
  • Have at least 10 actions
  • You should use Thymeleaf template engine or Angular/jQuery for generating the UI
  • Use MySQL Server as database back-end
  • Use Hibernate to access your database
  • Apply error handling and data validation to avoid crashes when invalid data is entered (both client-side and server-side)

Additional Requirements

  • Follow the best practices for OO design: use data encapsulation, use exception handling properly, use inheritance and abstraction properly and follow the principles of strong cohesion and loose coupling
  • Use GitHub for source control system


Put the following in a ZIP archive and submit it

  • The complete source code.
  • Brief documentation of your project (2-3 pages). It should provide the following information (in brief):
    • Project purpose – what problem do you solve?
    • The URL of your repository
    • Any other information (optionally)