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Requirements for the "Web front-end develeopment" course project

This document describes the final project assignment for Telerik Academy students in "Web front-end develeopment" course

Project Description

Design and implement an SPA application by choice.

It could be a simple game, component library, business application or any other

  • You are absolutely free to choose the topic of your work
  • Sample applications:
    • Snake
    • Chess
    • Backgammon
    • Minesweeper
    • Tetris
    • Xonix
    • Supermario
    • Components library (windows, buttons, text boxes, menus, etc.)
    • Book store
    • Auction
    • Movie rental
    • Bug tracker
    • Knowledge management system
    • E-library
    • Text editor

General Requirements

Please define and implement the following assets in your project:

  • Slice the given design in PSD (30 points)
    • You can find your selected design here
  • Implement responsive design (30 points)
    • Your web application must look good on any resolution
  • Use a web server (30 points)
    • Usage of a server (5 points)
      • Telerik back-end services
      • Your custom server in Node.js, ASP.NET, SpringMVC, PHP, etc...
    • Server data quality
      • Having a meaningful data
        • Not just an array of integers
        • Examples:
          • Forum with threads, categories, tags, users, user roles, search, comments, likes, etc...
          • Blog with posts, categories, tags, users, search, comments, likes, etc...
          • Online store with products, categories, prices, filtering, search, etc...
  • Use scripts for build, dev, deployment (10)
    • Both npm and gulp scripts are fine

The application must work in the latest versions of the browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10/11, Opera and Apple Safari

Additional Requirements

Follow the best practices for producing high-quality code:

  • Correct naming

  • Data encapsulation

    • Use OOP and modules
  • Strong cohesion and loose coupling

  • Use GIT as a source control system

  • Writing Efficient CSS

  • Using good practices for CSS

    • Efficiency, naming, etc..
  • Preprocessors are optional

  • Using postprocessors is required

    • JSHint, CSSLint, etc...
  • You are NOT allowed to use any full-featured js framework/library

    • AngularJS
    • Angular
    • React
    • etc.

Optional Requirements

If you have a chance, time and a suitable situation, you might add some of the following to your project:

  • Backward compatibility (make the application usable on browsers like IE8, IE7 and IE6)
  • Integration tests

Non-required Work

  • Completely finished project is not obligatory required. It will not be a big problem if your project is not completely finished or is not working greatly
    • This project is for educational purpose
  • Implementation of server-side logic with ASP.NET, PHP, Java or Node.js


Public Project Defense

Each student will have to deliver a public defense of its work to the other students and trainers. You will have 20 minutes for the following:

  • Demonstrate the application (very shortly)
  • Show the source code
  • Answer the questions from the trainers
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