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ASP.NET Web API Homework

  1. Using ASP.NET Web API create REST services for the Student System demo from Code First presentation in the Databases course.

    • Use high-quality code
    • Use Repository pattern
    • Create services for all available models.
    • Do not use scaffolding.
  2. Using ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework (database first or code first) create a database and web services with full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations for hierarchy of following classes:

    • Artists (Name, Country, DateOfBirth, etc.)
    • Albums (Title, Year, Producer, etc.)
    • Songs (Title, Year, Genre, etc.)
    • Every album has a list of artists
    • Every song has artist
    • Every album has list of songs
  3. Create console application and demonstrate the use of all service operations using the HttpClient class (with both JSON and XML)

  4. (*) Create JavaScript-based single page application and consume the service to display user interface for:

    • Creating, updating and deleting artists, songs and albums (with cascade deleting)
    • Show pageable, sortable and filterable artists, songs and albums using OData
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