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.NET Client for Telestream Cloud

How do I use it?


To use Telestream Cloud SDK you need to configure client of Cloud API

    TelestreamCloudConfig.Initialize("ACCESS KEY", "SECRET KEY");

For default Host = "", Version = "3.0", Port = 443;

You can change it using:

    TelestreamCloudConfig.Initialize("ACCESS KEY", "SECRET KEY", "", "3.0", 443);

Custom configuration

For example, if you want to store your keys into app.config you can write your own class that implements IConfigurationService interface

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="Telestream.AccessKey" value="ACCESS KEY"/>
    <add key="Telestream.SecretKey" value="SECRET KEY"/>
  public class AppConfigConfigurationService : IConfigurationService
        public ApiAccess Get()
            var accessKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Telestream.AccessKey"];
            var secretKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Telestream.SecretKey"];

            return new ApiAccess(accessKey, secretKey);

And pass the instance to service client

var customConfig = new AppConfigConfigurationService();
var service = new FactoryService(customConfig, "FACTORY ID");

The client:

Each client is working in context of factory.

  var service = new FactoryService("FACTORY ID");

If you don't know your factory id you can get all factory information using TelestreamCloudService class:

  var service = new TelestreamCloudService();
  var myFactories = await service.GetFactories();