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DSS CloudWatch metrics publisher
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Automatically push your metrics from Dataiku's Science Studio to Amazon's CloudWatch.

How does it work

Get your metrics in AWS CloudWatch following this simple steps:

  • Create your metric dataset or datasets.
  • Pass DSSCloudWatch your metric datasets and create an output dataset where log information will be written.
  • Configure your Amazon User's Access Key and Amazon User's Access Password in the settings section.
  • Automate dataset buildings with an scenario

Check your metrics at CloudWatch

How to define your metrics

DSSCloudWatch input datasets should follow this schema:

  • Namespace: string Main section where thise metrics reside
  • MetricName: string Metric's name
  • MetricValue: [string, number] Metric's value
  • Timestamp: date Metric's timestamp
  • [Optional] MetricUnit: none,milliseconds,seconds,...
  • ... any other column present will be converted to Dimensions

Push your metrics from DSS

More info about CloudWatch metrics:

Installing from repository

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