The Microsoft Lync Connector for Lync 2013 enables use of Microsoft Lync through the Telligent Community user experience.
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Microsoft Lync Connector

Version 3.0 compatible with Telligent Community 8.5


The Microsoft Lync Connector requires Lync Server 2013. A Trusted Application needs to be set up to allow the connector to communicate with Lync.

Unified Communications Management API (UCMA) 4.0 SDK

Telligent Community

  • Telligent Community (free or commercial) version 8.5 or higher
  • Telligent.DynamicConfiguration.dll
  • Telligent.Evolution.Api.dll
  • Telligent.Evolution.Components.dll
  • Telligent.Evolution.Core.dll
  • Telligent.Evolution.Rest.dll

Lync Connector

  • Telligent.Evolution.Extensions.Lync.dll

How to set up Trusted Application

PS > Get-CsSite

Identity                  : Site:LyncLab
SiteId                    : 1
Services                  : {,
Pools                     : {}
FederationRoute           :
XmppFederationRoute       :
DefaultPersistentChatPool :
Description               : Lync Site
DisplayName               : LyncLab
SiteType                  : CentralSite
ParentSite                :

PS > New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -id -Registrar -site Site:LyncLab
PS > New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationId community -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn  -Port 7489
PS > Enable-CsTopology

How to install the Microsoft Lync Connector

To install the Microsoft Lync Connector for Telligent Community, copy the following files to the Telligent Community server \bin folder:

  • Telligent.Evolution.Extensions.Lync.dll
  • Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll

The UCMA SDK library file is usually located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft UCMA 4.0\SDK\Core\Bin.

Once the files are installed in the Telligent Community \bin directory, the Lync Connector will be available as a plug-in within the Telligent Community Control Panel.

How to configure the Microsoft Lync Connector

In the Telligent Community Control Panel, navigate to the Lync Integration plugin and click Configure. Enter the required fields and click Save.

Lync Host

The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server where Microsoft Lync Server 2013 is deployed.


The trusted Globally Routable User-Agent URI (GRUU) for the application.

Trusted Port

Port given to the trusted application. This is 7489 from the above example.

Application Port

Application default port. ex: 5061

Account SIP

SIP for the service account.

Certificate Thumbprint

To get the Thumbprint, run the following from the Lync Powershell:

PS > Get-CsCertificate

The OAuthTokenIssuer certificate needs to be exported from the Lync Server and imported into the Telligent Community server(s).

Once imported the Application Pool account needs permission to the Lync Certificate.

  • Click Start and type mmc
  • Select Add/Remove Snap-in from the File menu
  • Select Certificates
  • Select Computer Account
  • Navigate to the Personal certificates
  • Right click the imported Lync certificate
  • Select All Tasks > Manage Private Keys...
  • Add the IIS Application Pool account running the community
  • Click Ok

####Where is the documentation? Please refer to the wiki section of this repository.

####How do I report a bug? You can use the issues section of this repository to report any issues.

####Where can I ask questions? Please visit our developer community to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and connect with other developers. Plus, give us feedback there so we can continue to improve these tools for you.

####Can I contribute? Yes, we will have more details soon on how you can contribute.