The Telligent Community Samples for Sitecore are a set of reference examples that make use of the Telligent Community SDK for Sitecore.
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Telligent Community SDK for Sitecore Samples


The Telligent Community SDK for Sitecore Samples requires that you have installed and are running Telligent Community and Sitecore. As Such this SDK has dependencies on libraries that for licensing reasons are not made available as part of this SDK. You will need to obtain these libraries from their respective installations and copy them to the /lib folder before compiling. They are listed below.


  • Sitecore.Client.dll
  • Sitecore.Kernel.dll
  • Sitecore.Mvc.dll

Telligent Community You will need to also include all the files from the SDK and a compiled version of the SDK itself.

All the dlls should be placed in a folder called /lib at the root and references adjusted as needed.

Where is the documentation?

Please refer to the wiki section of this repository.

How do I report a bug?

You can use the issues section of this repository to report any issues.

Where can I ask questions?

Please visit our developer community to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and connect with other developers. Plus, give us feedback there so we can continue to improve these tools for you.

Can I contribute?

Yes, we will have more details soon on how you can contribute.