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EU Cookie Compliance

###What is EU Cookie Compliance? Please see The EU Internet Handbook for more details on the requirements detailing EU legislation on the use of cookies.

###Version: This widget has been tested with version 7.6 and later versions of Telligent Community


  1. Go to your Telligent Community website and sign in as a user that has permissions to access the Administration Panels.

  2. Go to Interface > Widgets.

  3. Within Widget Studio select "Import".

  4. Browse to the location of this XML file and select it.

  5. The widgets are installed and available.

###Usage This widget set includes 1 widgets that allow you to add EU Cookie Compliance integration to your community. Place the widget in the footer of your site to have it display to all users:

EU Cookie Compliance

###Questions, Feedback, etc. Please visit our developer community to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and connect with other developers. Plus, give us feedback there so we can continue to improve these tools for you.