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4.x #7

wants to merge 3,047 commits into
base: 4.x


None yet
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bentiedt commented Mar 11, 2019

No description provided.

Mattias Wikstrom and others added some commits Aug 2, 2018

Mattias Wikstrom
Merge pull request tinymce#654 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1782 to m…

* commit '30c0cac13715fef777b90e3cfc00e06948ffd6e4':
  TINY-1782: check localStorage in try/catch so IE11 on strict security does not blow up
Mattias Wikstrom
Merge pull request tinymce#652 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1788 to m…

* commit '2902f9fd893fd10b665a1c824d90303bb9a2ea00':
  TINY-1788: normalize all clicks above double clicks, not only triple clicks
Merge pull request tinymce#641 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1768 to m…

* commit '5ac28e25de41aa19ee65341031f60d9bfba2886c':
  TINY-1768: fix looping paste behavior
Mattias Wikstrom
Merge pull request tinymce#651 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1787 to m…

* commit 'a225eea0f1d702f3ced769620b63131046e115b2':
  TINY-1787: fix getSelectedBlocks getStart/getEnd call
Merge pull request tinymce#655 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TBS-2398 to ma…

* commit 'bf990295fe576a5b4813698c9f75b0ca98ad6476':
  moved annotator from experimental
Mattias Wikstrom
Merge pull request tinymce#657 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1810 to m…

* commit '9ec843030f10f005154876f6f8bf08f7f84226fd':
  TINY-1810: textcolor getCurrentColor fix
Merge pull request tinymce#660 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1818 to m…

* commit '2f5fbeed54e54d489f5c5e45a87a3f2906a6c272':
  TINY-1818: let caption be treated as a cell for navigation purposes
Merge pull request tinymce#658 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1813 to m…

* commit '12ab81fdf8b981f0027eaa3886896b726eb10d68':
  TINY-1813: exclude bookmarks at start/end on expand range
  TINY-1813: Fix where collapsed selection with bookmark would be inverted
Merge pull request tinymce#659 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1821 to m…

* commit '27eba3030f5202c9d60fb1f962058b0127612732':
  TINY-1821: add types
  TINY-1821: add tests for remove format
  TINY-1821: Make remove format clear up to word boundaries
Merge pull request tinymce#661 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1813.2 to…
… master

* commit '7540790b911036114f378547dcbe315a4f5d1ea6':
  TINY-1813.2: Fix failing test
Merge pull request tinymce#664 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1781 to m…

* commit 'c384646c8f7039500eadb7b7079c122c5438b34d':
  TINY-1781: types
  TINY-1781: fix empty block merge issue
  TINY-1781: refactoring
Merge pull request tinymce#665 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-1836 to m…

* commit '44e14299a126c8142871e220643e1560572c5179':
  TINY-1836: Moved call to ToggleList.removeList as it returns void

SimonFc and others added some commits Jan 15, 2019

Merge pull request tinymce#971 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3099 to m…

* commit 'b7226b8be7569abe3a986152ad38fdb5dc2f02eb':
  TINY-3099: types
  TINY-3099: update test to use modern theme
  TINY-3099: simpler insert br after text test
  TINY-3099: insert br between text nodes would create empty text node
  TINY-3099: making a few places use the insertNode wrapper
  TINY-3099: wrapper to Range.insertNode
Mattias Wikström
Merge pull request tinymce#974 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3146 to m…

* commit '93f4952363f1eb4e5a663e418e2fed86435ee6b8':
  TINY-3146: add more f keys to shortcuts lookup
Merge pull request tinymce#973 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-2998 to m…

* commit '6328c3c4919b9633f061dca1c202d39593e724d6':
  TINY-2998: Added test for cef navigation between elements
  TINY-2998: Fixes for content editable false deletion and navigation
Merge pull request tinymce#981 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-2998 to m…

* commit '090ac22252154942009a7f43a56b889de319123a':
  TINY-2998: Fixed a reference to 'caretPosition' that got missed when renaming
Merge pull request tinymce#984 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3152 to m…

* commit '25e03d312f02f9e1b70dc8da458be9ac5099b741':
  TINY-3152: add licence header
  TINY-3152: lists plugin cleanup
Merge pull request tinymce#986 in TINYMCE/tinymce from tinymceGH-4644
…to master

* commit '6fbddaf62ce2564de6549565bd2e7cc497a2bf7d':
  tinymceGH-4643: Moved the `valueForToggling` variable inside the editor init callback
  tinymceGH-4643: Added a test to check the new visualchars_default_state setting
  tinymce#4643: Cleaned up and added licence headers
  tinymce#4643: Add visualchars_default_state option for visualchars plugin
TINY-3243: Fixed an issue where if a plugin failed to initialize, the…
…n the entire editor would also fail to initialize
Merge pull request tinymce#1007 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-2981 to …

* commit '7cf5fe6df3625b69f03d9ae49ab7a372c24ac1a9':
  TINY-2981: made delete work with single indented list
Merge pull request tinymce#1009 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3243 to …

* commit 'c933c07e200c026578becb16a0e66e017de869b2':
  TINY-3243: Fixed error reporter notifications not being passed for translation
  TINY-3243: Fixed an issue where if a plugin failed to initialize, then the entire editor would also fail to initialize
Merge pull request tinymce#1015 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3247 to …

* commit '0f283d774577c69915ac09fa52db5deb2b19296c':
  TINY-3247: Fixed an issue where scrolling with multiple editors would cause a ResizeWindow event to fire
Mattias Wikström
Merge pull request tinymce#1014 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3213 to …

* commit '71510d897f070cb5580edd4ea215d39610a6fe2e':
  TINY-3213: check all elements for bogus attribute in saxparser
Mattias Wikström
Merge pull request tinymce#1026 in TINYMCE/tinymce from TINY-3225 to …

* commit 'c9caf160b83ac30e50354ee4389c7466370e943e':
  TINY-3225: updated changelog and bumped version for 4.9.3 release

@bentiedt bentiedt closed this Mar 11, 2019

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