Web application that translates a user's natural language description into bash commands
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Tellina uses natural language processing (NLP) to translate an English sentence, such as "Find text file in the current folder", into a bash command, such as find . -name "*.txt".

You can try it now at http://tellina.rocks . Or, you can install it locally; this document tells you how.


Install Tensorflow

Tellina uses Tensorflow (>=r1.0).

Follow the instructions on the Tensorflow website. The simplest way is to install using pip3.

Install other dependencies:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Set up tellina_learning_module submodule:

git submodule update --init --remote
git submodule foreach git pull origin master
make submodule

To update the tellina_learning_module in the future, run:

make submodule

Set up databases:

make db

Run webapp:

make run

To experiment with the translation model locally, make sure to set following control variables correctly.

Control variables:

WEBSITE_DEVELOP (website/views.py) 

  - True, start the web server without importing the Tensorflow translation module (no server start delay, suggested setting when testing peripheral website functions)
  - False (default), start the web server and translate new queries (5-10 secs server start delay due to Tensorflow graph building)

CACHE_TRANSLATIONS (website/views.py)

  - True, cache translation results for natural language queries that were seen
  - False (default), run translation model on every query, regardless of whether it has been seen or not
CPU_ONLY (website/backend_interface.py)

  - True (default), run Tellina on CPU
  - False, run Tellina on GPU if and only if the host machine has GPU installed 

Visit in your browser.


If you used Tellina in your work, please cite

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