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Bootstrap Your Telos Node and Save Days of Syncing

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Make sure whether you're using Ubuntu 16 or 18 that your machine is up to date by running:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

The system makes a backup every hour keeping four hours worth of files.


WARNING Since the bootstrap file is over 8GB now, the chance is greater that you start a download on a file while it is still uploading to the directory. Do not download one of the .tgz files without an associated MD5SUM file present in the directory. The MD5SUM is the last step in the script so if an MD5 exists, you are in the clear. I then recommend using md5sum to verify the .tgz file was not corrupted in transit to your node.

Depending on Ubuntu 16 or 18, you can download with the following commands:

(note: these URLs are no longer active)

wget<enter file name here>.tgz

wget<enter file name here>.tgz

De-Compress and Copy

By default, tar uses gzip to de-compress .tgz files. Gzip is single threaded so I prefer to use pigz which you will likely need to install apt install pigz. pigz uses all cores to compress and de-compress files.

Example of usage: tar --use-compress-program=pigz -xvf /path/to/bootstrap.tgz

After untaring, be sure to replace the contents of your block and state directories with the downloaded contents.

Also be sure to run chown -R on these directories and make them owned by the user you're running nodeos with.

These dumps were created with both the history_plugin and history_api_plugin disabled since it was deprecated as of 1.2.x. You will need to make sure these plugins are disabled in your config.ini before this dump will work.

Other settings that were used that may or may not hinder this working were:

chain-state-db-size-mb = 16384

reversible-blocks-db-size-mb = 2048

Nodeos should start and now your node is only an hour behind at max.

Hit me up on Telegram @HartParr with any problems as this has not been tested on many configurations.

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