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Pulse: Telos Block Producer Infrastructure Insights

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As a Telos Block Producer, you're always looking for insights into the health and performance of your block production infrastructure, and that of your peers. But getting truly meaningful data that is relevant to Block Producers often requires building custom tools, which is time consuming and resource intensive.

Introducing Pulse: Pulse is a monitoring and analytics platform to query, visualize, and alert on The Telos Blockchain Network. Pulse gathers events from Telos Block Producers, performs a time-series analysis on the event data, and correlates that data into customizable visual reports (dashboards) - providing valuable analysis and insight into the health and status of Telos block production infrastructure.

Pulse has 2 primary mechanisms, and each has its own corresponding method of collection, "filebeat" and "metricbeat":

  • Filebeat: ingests and parses logs. While the default Telos logfile is "stderr.txt", you can specify a custom path, ie: "/telos/telosdata/*.log"

  • Metricbeat: gathers and reports system metrics (defaults are cpu, load, memory, network, process and process_summary) about the host(s).

Pulse uses the concept of "shippers"; Your SHIPPER_NAME can be the name of your BP, your host, or any uniquely identifiable value. Logs and metrics will be displayed in the Pulse dashboard under each shipper.

Performance: In general, Pulse introduces minimal performance overhead (<1.0%) However, this is heavily dependent on the speed of the host CPU, number of log events per second, and configuration options.

Access to Pulse is via read-only accounts.

telos-bp-viewer: this is the recommended account for BPs to use, and provides access to both metrics and logs:

  • username: telos-bp-viewer
  • pass: V0SXNfJONFHHbqJzbC4DqO07

telos-bp-ops: this is intended as an external “public” account for viewing metrics, and has no access to logs:

  • username: telos-bp-ops
  • pass: O0SXNfJONFHHbqJzbC4DqO07

To access Pulse:

  1. Login here:
  2. Select "Dashboard" in the left hand column.
  3. Select "{pulse} metrics overview dash" to see metric data, or "{pulse} logs overview dash" to see log data.
  4. Drill down into specific hosts ("shippers"), by clicking on the name of the host.

To learn more, and start sending your metrics and logs to Pulse, please follow the instructions at:

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