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So you want to be a block producer

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This is an exciting time to join Telos and it is not hard to become a block producer. However you will need a systems administrator of a dev-ops who can also manage the sys admin role.

You will have to decide if you want to go with bare-metal servers or a cloud (or a combination of both!)

The first thing you will have to do is spin up a server for the testnet - and this can be a combination block producer and full node. Go to has step by step instructions.

on that same webpage you can register your new block producer with a 12 character name and one you have done a build on the software and have your node caught up with the chain you can run the regproducer command that you got at the bottom of the register page.

Soon we will have a stage network up and running. This is our production staging network and will be the same as the mainnet, except it is private. You will be running a full stack (Full/API node and a Block producer) as this is where we will test any code changes for at least one day before committing them to mainnet.

On the mainnet you will be required to have at least one full stack (Full/API node Block producer), and encouraged to also have a seed node that others can connect for p2p in case they need to replay the chain.

Further levels add redundency with load balancing and DDOS protection

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