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Telos Tools: Dive deep into Telos

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While the data on public blockchains is well, public, making sense of that data can be challenging for non-technical users. The intent of this article is to highlight tools that can help Telos stakeholders learn more, and dive deep into the many features and facets of Telos. As the Telos community continues to innovate, we'll continue to curate those innovations here.


TelosPortal from Telos Germany is a fork of eostoolkit, and an open source interface for managing Telos and EOS accounts. You can create, transfer, stake, vote and more with Scatter or Sqrl!

Check it out at:


EOSIO Tools from EOS Metal validates Telos Block Producer's bp.json file. These files are a proposed JSON formatted standard for public facing Block Producer information.

Check it out at:

BP Stats

BP Stats from EOS Impera queries Block Producer API endpoints, and reports the resulting statistics.

Check it out at:

Telos Tracker

Telos Tracker from Telos Madrid is a Telos network monitor and offers a number of useful features such as insight into votes (direct, proxied, staked, utilization), top TLOS token holders, RAM top holders, and more!

Check it out at


ChainSpector from The Teloscope provides powerful insights into the Telos Blockchain, via its dashboard, voting tools and statistics, RAM, account snapshots, and more.

Check it out at:


EOSx from EOS Asia is a feature rich network monitor and block explorer, providing a clean and easy to navigate interface to dive deep into the many facets and functions of The Telos Blockchain Network.

Check it out at:


Sqrl from Telos Miami is a fork of EOS Voter and a fully featured multi-chain multi-platform wallet and governance app. With Sqrl, you can vote, stake, transfer, and more:

Download Sqrl:

Aloha Block Producer Benchmarks:

Aloha EOS

EOS Index

EOS Index

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