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Troubleshooting a node

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Not producing

Make sure you do not have a firewall blocking your port!

Error reading message from: or other p2p-peer errors - check your p2p-peer-address section and make sure you can connect to those listed

If your block producer node is not producing, and you are in the schedule as active then your best friend is the log file. Check to see if it saying you don't have the correct key to produce, and if it does just run your regproducer with the correct key.

grep {producer-name} from {LOGFILE} this should give you an idea if it is showing errors

If there are no errors, try stopping the node and then start it back up, while tailing the log. Get your position with teclos get schedule and see what happens after the block producer you are supposed to follow - if it is just waiting the 6 seconds - check firewall a second time as the schedule is not able to communicate with your producer.

Try switching to your backup producer and run regproducer with the backup signature key.

Dirty database

You will have to replay the chain, so hopefully you have a recent backup and if you do; stop the node and copy the blocks and state directories from backup into your config directory blocks & state. If you do not have a backup (shame on you) use the start command and add --replay; if this does not start the chain replaying try --hard-replay-blockchain As a last resort you will have to restart from scratch with these flags --hard-replay-blockchain --delete-all-blocks --genesis-json ./genesis.json

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